CCTV video surveillance camera system provides a significant function in our society because these systems fight and prevent both local as well as international crimes. The CCTVs (closed circuit television systems) were utilized in London before the July 7th bombings and the footages taken on that incident had been very helpful in the investigation of the attacks. It was also used as a tool for identifying potential suspects. Aside from combating terrorism, CCTV surveillance systems that were installed in public areas also help deter crime, help civilians feel much safer, provide the police with leads or evidence as well as improve the surroundings of a crime-stricken neighborhood. Nowadays, most of these systems have been made digital for improved performance, easy maneuverability of the surveillance camera and produce faster feedback as compared to the analog systems.

CCTV surveillance systems are usually supported by the police or security professionals. These professionals have to monitor the CCTV video evidence on a timely manner and they have to be appropriately trained in order to deduce suspicious behavior caught on the CCTV camera. With the presence of all of these factors, then the CCTV surveillance system will be regarded as an effective tool for keeping citizens safe and secure. There are some cases wherein businesses or other establishments cannot initially afford all the necessary components of these devices. However, many CCTV providers recommend that this dilemma can be solved by putting some CCTV equipments in places where constant observance and security matters most. Such places include the entrance, the exit and the cashier counter. In the succeeding years, extra surveillance cameras may be added as the budget allows.

A modernized digital CCTV surveillance system is composed of hardware and software components which gather and transmit important surveillance camera data over fiber optic lines to control rooms run by security professionals who view digital CCTV monitors. DVRs can save CCTV data for up to 10 weeks of recording time and there are even some which has motion detection technology. This technology is very exceptional because footages are only recorded when motion triggers the DVR system. Digital CCTV cameras range from compact cameras, fixed cameras to direction-controlled ones that can visitor management distinguish objects in the dark under different lighting conditions. Surveillance camera system makers have to know what kind of purpose each surveillance camera must accomplish. Fixed cameras are usually used for the main purpose of watching the flow of people passing by while dome cameras with PTZ functions are used for monitoring a crime-targeted place. The ones who make these systems also need to think about weatherproofing their surveillance cameras especially if the cameras are going to be mounted in extremely harsh climates whether hot or cold, or if the viewing areas are normally obscured by dust or dirt.

Sufficient evidence has shown that CCTV surveillance systems mostly discourage crimes and robberies, but not more vicious crimes such as aggravated assault and rape. These surveillance systems may not always catch these crimes because they usually occur in more deserted places and far from the surveillance cameras’ reach. Fortunately, in many circumstances wherein a CCTV surveillance system is in place, wrongdoers commonly shy away from these monitored places because they fear prosecution and any recorded images involving their presence can be used in court.