Everyone loves cartoon. Kids love cartoon as a part of their daily lifestyle. They watch it on TV KissCartoon, they buy stuffs with their favorite cartoon character, and they even wear it and take it to bed with them. Adults love cartoons as well.

Some grown up still love their favorite superhero and the more serious types even love to read comics. Others may not admit, but may find newspaper ads with animations more appealing than grey formal advertisements.

Cartoon is part of our daily lives, and somehow it had lived with the comfort and excitement it has given us. The most frustrating news and the most serious news are also enlightened by editorial cartoons. Just by setting our eyes on an editorial cartoon, we appreciate easily a very complex political or social issue.

Cartoon artists started their drawing careers at a very early age. Some started drawing their first characters before they have even written their names or their first words. Drawing is a rare talent, and it is given to those chosen few but sometimes even taken for granted or even left undeveloped. This talent is normally lost during puberty when we are more interested in new things like video games and other fads.

Some have lost their talent of cartoon drawing because they just lost interest on it or maybe because they are not appreciated or compensated for it. Just like any other talent or skill, it can only be maintained and improved if you have enough motivations.

o School Projects. You can earn from drawing school projects which require cartoons as illustrations for the texts. Students likely want their projects to be better than their classmates; which means that you can explore a variety of cartoon characters you can make and more clients too.

o Book Illustrator. If you want to take this talent seriously, you must understand that the business of book publishing at times largely depends on illustrations. There are books like childrens book and fiction novels which need illustrations to reach and fill the curiosity of the reader. 

o Editorial Cartooning. This would require you to make caricatures of prominent personalities who are currently in the news, and you get the chance express your views about the issue through the cartoon. Newspapers and periodicals usually hire cartoonist on a permanent basis but some entertain paid contributions. There is also a part of the paper which you can make your cartoon story, the comics strip.

o Animation. Drawing cartoon characters for animated TV shows will make your talent not just famous, but even legendary.  Young and old enjoys watching cartoon characters in different types of animated shows. Drawing for animated shows requires a more advanced skill in cartoon drawing which can also be acquired through formal study.

There are many ways you can benefit from cartoon drawing. What is important is that you enjoy making different cartoon characters, and you make other people happy by them. Simple cards with your work will surely be treasured by your family, friends and even strangers. It is not how much you earn that you actually profit, but is how much you use what you have and how much you share them.