Marketing, as we are all aware, is about cut throat competition faring better than your competitors to capture and win maximum market share. The top priority for businesses is to excel in their respective fields and to achieve this; companies need to rise above the usual standards to plan, create and come up with innovative promotional ideas that will suit and cater to their brand in such a way that it will bring their customers closer to their product. So, marketers are exploring new ways and means of supporting and highlighting their brand. One branding agency hong kong such method to do this is called Brand Activation.

For any marketing strategy to succeed, it is important to have the foresight for long time opportunities for the product. Managing a brand is even more critical than just amplifying sales though the first does proportionately affect the latter.

Brand activation is a marketing process to bring a product alive through creating a brand experience. The basic features or the core brand values are utilized for brand activation. This is very important for every product manager as it is their means for communicating their brand values to their targeted consumers. Only one or two core product values or features should be selected to be activated. If used wisely and without ambiguity, Brand Activation will do a world of good to increase your product market.

Brand Activation helps your business to gain popularity and credibility amongst its customers. Through direct interaction with the targeted customers and allowing them to have a firsthand experience of the product, companies can hope to see significant rise in sales and customer loyalty.

The two basic steps involved in brand activation in general are:

Above the Line Promotion

Above the line promotions help brands to reach huge amounts of people by using channels like radio and television. Typical example of this activity are the hundreds of television ads that come on the television everyday. They help to spread the message about any particular brand or product in the market, thereby helping in brand activation and to target consumers. But although above-the-line promotions can reach a massive base and help to highlight the visibility of a product, they really lack any kind of direct customer involvement, which is a negative for any business. This is because customer loyalty and credibility go hand in hand and are equally important and this can be addressed through…

Below the Line Promotion

Below the line promotions are activities that promote customers to have direct involvement and participation with the brand. This will help a product to be directly marketed to people and for getting valuable feedback of the product from them. Some great ideas for below-the-line promotions are road shows, special events and other dealer related activities. Such activities are a great boost for not only direct marketing but also to build up brand credibility.