Blogs are all the rage these days, from famous news anchors on the 6 ‘o’clock news to television stars-it seems that everyone has a blog. Some have them to keep in touch with family and friends across long distances and others use them as profit makers. Monetizing your blog is a simple matter of adding targeted ads via Google’s AdSense program, becoming an Amazon associate or putting ads up on your blog for an Affiliate program you’re running. Talk about how amazing this product is and give them a link to it so they want to click on it.

Blogs can actually be used to drive traffic to squeeze pages where you get your visitors to opt in to your list Sherry Dyson by having them give you their name and email address. Once you’ve captured that information, they are part of your list. The best way to entice them to opt in is to give them something for free. Everyone likes freebies-so make it something they can’t resist. This is no time to be shy so make sure your ad copy projects confidence about the products and/or services that you’re giving away.

Another excellent way to use for blogs to drive traffic to another webpage is to use them to get your visitors to sign up for your rss feed, where they’ll get notification of any new post you make each time you make it. In each new post, of course, you’ll put a link to the sales page you want them to visit, either in your signature line or as part of the post you make. Each time they visit your blog, you give them something fresh, something new and this will entice them to click on your links.

Your blog can also be used to encourage visitors to sign up for your newsletter. In each newsletter you’ll also have important links to your sales page. This will drive even more traffic where you want it to go.

In order for your blog to be successful at driving traffic to your squeeze page, it has to have fresh and unique content posted to it daily. This content has to have keywords and be search engine optimized in order for visitors to find it when they do a keyword search for something they’re interested in. The better the ranking you have on the major search engines like Google and Yahoo, the better the chances are that you’ll receive traffic. The higher your ranking, the better chance you have of being on the first page of search results for your niche and the better the likelihood that your blog link will get the coveted click.