Blogging has certainly reached a point where its popularity is being taken advantage of to make money. Blogging for money has become one of the most famous online money making business around. Writers, both aspiring and published, uses this platform to earn money while doing what they love. Bloggers can write about anything they want. From personal experiences to unsolicited advice and from up-to-date news to political and social commentaries, writers from all disciplines take advantage of this tool to get noticed and at the same time earn some money.

If blogging for money is what you want then here are some ways you can do to earn some cash:

1. Advertising – There are certain advertising programs one can use to earn so extra cash. Some like AdSense programs where ads are posted in your blog and you are paid for every click made by visitors of the site to the ad Sherry dyson. Many writers who are blogging for money employ this technique because it is the easiest one to do.

2. Affiliate marketing – By enrolling in affiliate marketing programs and becoming an affiliate, you’ll get access to a database of products ready for marketing. You can then post a link that has been provided for you to your blog as an advertisement. When someone clicks on the link and buys a product, you will get around 25% to 75% commission on the product.

3. Sponsorship – Sponsorship is a direct advertising technique used by companies to attract niche markets. Companies pay a blogger to advertise their product. Some even asks for a write-up.

4. Being hired as a blogger – Companies now hire professional bloggers to write blogs about their company and on issues that concern their product and company. They can also hire bloggers to make articles pertaining to an issue closely related to their product which is some sort of indirect selling. Also, bloggers get hired to manage and keep company blogs up-to-date on what’s new with them.

5. Non-blogging writing duties – Bloggers with established names get hire to write articles on companies and products outside of the blog environment. They are asked to do a review on products and get paid by doing so.

Just recently, a job opening was advertised that offered a huge amount for someone to become a caretaker of a place in Australia. All that person had to do was to stay there a couple of months and write a blog everyday about the conditions there. This is a very good example of how powerful and renowned blogging has become. One can earn big bucks just by writing.

Do not be fooled though. Writing and sustaining blogs is not an easy task. There will be times when you will have a hard time of thinking of something to write. Blogging for money takes a lot of patience and discipline. Success will not come overnight. It will take months or even years before you reach the level of other famous sites. All you can do is keep your blog up-to-date to keep the interest of your readers. Make your content easy to read, relatable and as diverse as you can and hope that it generates increasing traffic everyday.

When discussing the history of blogging, we must first trace when and where the word was derived from. The history of blogging formally started when the term “weblog” was used by 2 lecturers from Bond University on the Gold Coast Australia by the name of G. Raikundalia and M. Reese. It was during a conference on August 14, 1985 when the word was coined on a paper presented which is entitled ” Exploiting the World Wide Web for Electronic Meeting Document Analysis and Management” which discussed the utilization of an access on a web browser to different meeting manuscript information, for instance, minutes, reports, tabled manuscripts and document catalogs.

Fascinatingly, the word itself as “weblog” has not been utilized on the residual records of the paper, which is currently being hosted at the website of the Charles Sturt University. However, the term was used on its appropriate context in a post at Usenet furthering the documents delivery at Bond which was published on August 6, 1995.