So you came up with your blog. Like most blogs out there, it started out like a personal diary, an outlet for your thoughts, your aspirations, your cries for help and attention. Later on, your blog evolved into a wealth of not only personal information but other factual and helpful information provided through comments to your blog posts. Pretty soon you find that there is more than the ordinary traffic that you get in your blog. It is now time to add some money sense into all your blog-maintaining efforts.

And why not? A lot of successful online ventures, whether on affiliate marketing or e-commerce, started out as blogs. And one starter for marketing in blogs is Google’s AdSense Sherry dyson. It is that application where ads are placed on your blog or site and for every click of the ad or visit to the advertiser’s site, you get paid.

To be able to maximize the potential of AdSense, you must establish readership or viewership of your blog or site. A lot of traffic is required; otherwise, the number of clicks to the ads or visit to the advertiser’s site may not be that significant, and you end up with spare change rather than solid bucks. AdSense has tips on site promotion, even search engine optimization, but you also need to know the basics vis-a-vis these techniques.

Blogging and website maintenance may do well through article marketing. Write your blogs or website news as professional articles that provide relevant information. The content of your blog or website determines the kind of advertisements that AdSense will channel through it. A blog on grade schoolers focusing on kiddie games may get limited attention from teachers or psychiatrists, but where warranted and well written and substantiated, toy manufacturers or electronic game makers may want to advertise on your blog.

What started out as a diary featuring your experiences in handling your money problems may later turn out to be a site well-visited by others with the same financial challenges. Banks, credit card companies, debt consolidation and legal firms may deem it proper to advertise on your site if so.

Do layout your blog or website so that the AdSense advertisements will not compete with but instead will complement your site contents. While banner ads will be attractive yet brief, make sure that they are not left out in the site, otherwise your visitor will not notice them, yet alone click them. You get nothing that way.

Will you allow your competitors to advertise on your site? That will depend of course on how you handle the competition. The secret is in the complementation. If you believe in your products or services that you are selling through your blog or site, the competition is a welcome addition as it provides the target market with instant option for enhanced buying-decision-making.

Bottom line, AdSense for contents are real money makers if you know how to capitalize on them without subtracting value from your blog or site. At any rate, you determine the kind of ads you will allow, their size, their content, the image or text accordingly, so that your site is not unduly cluttered or smothered with all the advertisements.