With any unfamiliar city, getting your bearings and knowing how you can travel to your next destination is very important. With that said, here is a detailed list of the many transport options that you have at your disposal when visiting the Windy City.

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Firstly, regardless of where you arrive in Chicago, there are ample vehicle rental solutions that can make it easy to get to where you need to be Luchthavenvervoer Gent Schiphol. You can pre-arrange a hire vehicle yourself from one of the many transport hubs, or instead opt for a Chicago Union Station or Midway airport limo service.

There are many benefits to investing in this kind of chauffeured solution, including the pleasure of being taken to your destination in maximum style and comfort, and the fact that you do not have to pile onto the city’s public transport with thousands of other people at peak times of the day.

Full details of Union Station and Midway airport limo service options and vehicle rental can be found by searching online for the names of companies that deliver these kinds of services. There are several reputable service providers in the city that can deliver this kind of solution, so take the time to look around to find one that meets your needs and fits your budget.

If you are arriving at Midway airport yet do not wish to invest in a limo service or another chauffeured transfer to your destination, there is also a frequent shuttle bus service which takes passengers to and from the airport to various locations. These include downtown Chicago along with major suburbs of the city. Currently, the company Go Airport Express is operating this service.

The other major airport of the city is O’Hare International Airport, which again boasts a frequent shuttle service in addition to taxi and limo transfer services. Details of various services at both airports can currently be obtained by visiting the Chicago Department of Aviation(CDA) website which sports the brand name “Fly Chicago”.

There are also several regional buses serving both of the airports, run by the companies Act II Transportation, Coach USA/Tri-State, Coach USA/United Limo, Pace Bus, Peoria Charter, River Valley Metro Mass Transit District and Coach USA/Van Galder. Services and operators are liable to change however, so please check information thoroughly before planning your journey.

For those arriving by train there is an equally large number of transport options. As well as the choices of taxis, rental vehicles or a limo service, travellers can enjoy Amtrak links with surrounding areas as well as the city’s Metra commuter rail lines.

The Metra connects the city center with many outlying suburbs and offers very frequent departures and reasonable fares. Buses are also a convenient option when travelling in Chicago, and it is possible to by 1-day tickets that allow unlimited travel by rail and bus throughout the city. There is also a rail option to O’Hare International Airport.

Last but not least, tourists will enjoy the city’s Water Taxis, which are a unique and fun way to travel.With fares slightly more expensive than other travel options, these taxis take in a variety of sights but are also a quick and reliable form of transportation.

Whether you are looking for a Midway airport limo service or a water taxi ride to take you to visitor hotspots such as China town or your train connection at Union Station, there is a transport option that is perfect for you in this well connected city. Take your time to consider all your options in advance of your journey to ensure problem-free travel.