Many people are becoming more aware of the environment these days, trying to find ways that they can help the world be a healthier place. But there is something that most people use that is actually very damaging to the environment, which is considered to be necessary by millions of people. This item is toilet roll.

Let’s look at the effects that toilet tissue has on the environment.

Toilet paper destroys trees

One of the biggest effects on the environment is that toilet paper destroys trees. Although a lot of companies are making toilet paper with recycled paper, it still has a big impact on trees. This is because millions of trees are still being cut down every year to satisfy our insatiable demand for loo paper which isn’t recycled.

Even though recycling has helped with this problem, it still is a huge problem. It’s estimated that over 7 million trees are cut down annually to make toilet paper just for the United 皂液機公司 States. How about the UK, Australia, Canada, Europe? Millions more trees needlessly cut down.

Chemicals are used in toilet paper production

Another big issue with toilet tissue production is that chemicals are needed, such as chlorine and bleach to whiten the paper. These chemicals often enter the environment once the manufacturing is complete and can affect the plant and wildlife that comes into contact with them.

Toilet paper clogs our sewage systems

One of the biggest problems with loo paper is something that most people are not aware of. Toilet paper and wet wipes clog our sewers and septic tanks. It’s especially bad with septic systems, since when the septic tank overflows it can go into the land and into the water, making animals and humans sick.

This particular problem can also cause financial issues for the homeowner, since having a septic tank pumped can be quite expensive. Sometimes the water companies will have to pay to unblock the sewers, but often we have to pay.

Production causes pollution

Beyond the last three problems that are caused by loo roll is the simple fact that pollution is caused by toilet paper production. Factories that make toilet paper often will release dangerous chemicals into the air and cause smog and other problems, filling the air and water with harmful pollutants.

Toilet paper can cause illness

Since people are not able to get as clean as they need to while using toilet tissue, they often become ill as a result of it. In addition, the toxins used in the manufacture of the toilet paper can also be damaging to the body and can cause illnesses such as cancer and diabetes. This leads to more medical waste and more impacts on the environment.