Visitors to your blog are only interested in your blog if your blog has interesting content. Do you f95zones stay intrigued in a website if the content is boring? And what better way to make content more exciting than to add content about a topic you know? If you know a lot about motorcycles, start a block about it. Topics can include changing the carburetor or redoing the chrome on the headlights. If the topic is something you know, your writing will flow more naturally and hence read more naturally to visitors. The content will also be more informative and intelligent. 
Tip #2 – Stay on topic
Using the motorcycles, your blog should not stray from motorcycle related issues. Do not start talking about the latest real estate news or golf carts. Talk strictly about motorcycle topics. Google AdSense parses the keywords in your blog and uses those keywords to place ads on your blog that are relevant to the content. The aim is to get visitors to click those ads. You want motorcycle readers to click ads on motorcycle topics. Cross topics, such as mixing motorcycle content with real estate and golf carts will result in ads that cover all three or public service ads that pay nothing. Keeping the topic centric on one topic will result in relevant ads.
Tip #3: Quantity over quality?
This may seem counterintuitive. You want visitors to be interested in your site because the content is great. So quality is important, right? But, in order to get visitors, the quantity of content should be large meaning more keywords detected by search engines, which translates to higher spots in search results, right? Well, yes, they are both right. The ideal situation is a lot of high quality content. Although this is not entirely possible all the time, you must have a high quantity of content on your blog because the more content means the more searchable material from search engines. There is a balance that must be met.
Tip #4: Recycle
No news is good news. No news really means nothing new to post on your blog. You do not necessarily need to keep posting new content. That is the perfect circumstance, but there is also a lot of information available on almost every topic ever written on the Internet. Taking that content, rewording it and posting it on your blog is recycling. It is not actually new content, just recycling old content and making it look new. That takes some writing skill but can be learned after practice. That way, you blog will have the appearance of new material and hopefully keep your visitors coming into the future.
Tip #5: Post on a regular schedule.
Our posts have a schedule written on them, usually an “updated every week” bulletin. And guess what? We stick to it. There may not always be new content for such a posting schedule, so you can use the recycling idea. While a weekly schedule is hard to keep (everyone has a family), when you stick to a schedule, visitors can really on updated blog content, and they will return more frequently to your blog, increasing the likelihood of an AdSense click.
Tip #6: Be clear and simple
This is more of a know you audience concept. If talking about motorcycles, using motorcycle jargon is okay. Make your content understandable. Use easy to understand words, and make the format user friendly. You are talking to a large and varied audience, and it should not require an advanced engineering degree from MIT to read a blog. We have seen highly intelligent people be confused over blogs that contain simple topics because the blog was written in a confusing manner, overly wordy, or weirdly formatted. The goal is to get a click, and having a confusing blog will ensure visitors/clickers will not return.